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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

10 Thoughts Every Woman Has After Mind-Blowing, Phenominal SEX.

Most sex is pretty damn good to begin with. That said, every once in a while, you have an encounter that is so set-the-sheets-on-fire awesome that it pretty much makes your brain explode. If any of the following thoughts run through your mind after the fireworks subside, please give yourself a high five.

1. "Need. Water."
You've got to hydrate—aerobic sex totally counts as a hardcore workout.

2. "Where did he learn to do that?"

Did he come up with those moves on his own, or did a girl from his past teach him? Either way, you're not mad about it.

3. "I'm so glad I don't know my neighbors."

Loud sex is awesome sex. Still, you hope you don't need to borrow a cup of sugar anytime soon.

4. "Where the heck are my clothes?"

Whether your latest sex adventure trailed through every room of your home or your clothes were torn to shreds (it happens), there is a very slim chance that you'll find your outfit in its original state.

5. "Note to self: In the future, the weirder, the better."

Who knew that you would be a fan of a little BDSM or booty action? The lesson you just learned: Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Must-Know Relationship Advice For Women. 

6. "I wonder how many more of those sex sessions it would take to break my bed?"

You hadn't been saving up for a new mattress, but hey, things happen.

7. "Is it strange if I take notes on what just went down?"

The sex was so good, you feel the urge to jot down all the details so you can nail it again (or just relive it when you're alone). Now, was that the Snow Angel or the Butter Churner that felt especially awesome around the 11-minute mark?

8. "Did he notice how out of control my 'O' face was?"

There is a 99-percent chance you looked like you were being electrocuted—but then again, the sparks were flying, so it makes sense. Sorry you're not sorry.

9. "There's no way this guy is leaving until we do that at least three more times."

Yes, that was amazing, but it only left you wanting more. Like a lot more. Put your phone on silent, honey: You're going to be busy for the next few hours.

10. "...And now it’s time to eat takeout while naked."

Let’s be serious: You had to have burned, like, a bajillion calories during that epic sexcapade. You've got to refuel.

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