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Thursday, 21 February 2019

6 Simple, Natural And Effective Ways To Become A Virgin Again.

There are many people who believe that it’s possible that, with help of certain natural remedies, to restore the women’s virginity.

It might sound impossible because this is not scientifically proven, but it’s strongly believed that some remedies can actually do that. Here are seven natural ways to try so as to become a virgin once again.

1. Cureuma Coosa. This is a very powerful plant that can significantly strengthen the walls of the uterus and vagina. You can apply it as a pate, or take it internally, it can work either way.

2. Black cohosh is very effective as well. If you decide to go with this method, just dry some black cohosh in the sun, and after that you should rinse your private area with the dried black cohosh.

3. Another effective way is oak gall. All you will need to do is to make a paste from it and on your vagina walls, to put some from that paste. One of the most popular plants in the world – Aloe Vera. And if you decide to use this method you just need to squeeze out the gel from the leaves and to apply it on your private area.

4. Flowering plant from the ginger family called curcuma comosa can also be effective in this case. If you pick this method, you can take it internally, in a form of capsule or as a paste to apply it on your private area.

5. Another effective plant when it comes to tightening the vagina is witch hazel. You will only need to grind this plant and to make a powder of it and after that to wash your private area with that powder.

6. Pueraria Mirifica is the seventh natural way. This plant can be found in north eastern Thailand and Myanmar. It has a long history of usage as female hormone supplement. Besides that it can tighten the vagina it can enlarge the breasts as well.

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